Service Tip of the Month

Are you prepared for Spring? 

Mower blades, why sharpen them?

Blades should be sharp like a pair of scissors, not like a knife. A knife will dull much quicker than scissors will. Like scissors mower blades a sharpened on one side only, not both sides like a knife. They also should be balanced. Sharp, balanced mower blades not only cut better, but also reduce drag and vibration. This reduces fuel usage, wear on bearings and belts, and also promotes lawn health. 

We’re CERTIFIED! So, what does that mean to you? Well, KUBOTA’s mandate to provide the highest standards of service for their customers includes annual reviews of dealer shops to insure we are equipped with the proper tools and that our service technicians are KUBOTA Trained – having attended their service schools in Ohio on a regular basis. Along with years of hands-on experience and the Goodrich Implement customer service guarantee, we are proud to say We’re Certified! For the best value on a new KUBOTA backed by a KUBOTA certified shop, come see us – if the dealer you buy from isn’t certified, you’re not getting the most for you money!


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