Little Bit About Our History...

We’re still writing the story… but here’s a history of where we’ve been and how Goodrich
Implement Inc. came about…


My great grandparents, Eugene Bruce and Bertha (Dunn) Goodrich, were raising their boys on a farm in Alford, PA. Eugene’s sister, great aunt Alma Goodrich, lived and taught music in the nearby town of Kingsley. Eugene taught geography at the nearby Brooklyn PA school, but had difficulty making enough money to keep his growing family fed. This was back in the early nineteen twenties; there was talk of a booming industry up in the Binghamton area (Endicott Johnson Shoes), so he left the idyllic pastures of Susquehanna County to take a position in the factory at Johnson City. Their first home in New York was on Willow Street, and the boys were active in school and sports, playing basketball in a church league and generally enjoying their new, more urban environment. Eventually Great Grandpa bought a farm on Oakdale Road and relocated the family to a more spacious dwelling, encouraging the boys to develop a dairy which kept them busy and out of trouble while providing more healthy food and exercise for the whole family. Elwin, Hubert, Leonard, and Willard eventually took employment in the factories, but each one dreamt of running his own business.  As time progressed, they each took up separate aspects of farm work: Leonard was the herdsman, Willard kept the machinery running, Hubert marketed the product, and Elwin took up the Case line of equipment sales as well as Surge milking equipment. Success followed and they were all able to leave the factories and take up their businesses full time. (All contributed to make it possible for youngest brother Robert to attend college - he went on to become a teacher like his father.


Fast forward through the thirties: Elwin met and married my grandma, Lucille Badger of Oak Street in Binghamton.   She abandoned her nursing career to partner with grandpa in the equipment business. They had five children: daughters Barbara, Alma, Lorna and Melinda and son Edward. Grandpa was looking forward to growing the equipment business beyond the farm, and purchased the land on Harry L. Drive where in 1949 he contracted with friend Frank Freer to build the first phase of “the store” – which still exists today as the front building/parts department/showroom area.  After completing his service in the Army, son Edward joined the family equipment business. He had attended school in Vestal (the nearest with a Vo-Ag program) and met his sweetheart Joan Beverly Terwilliger from Endwell on a date arranged by her sister Norma and his sister Alma, who were friends at Union Endicott High School (In those days apparently you could attend the school of your choice.) They had two children, adorable daughter Sharon Jane and handsome son Edward B. Goodrich Jr. Ed had a lot of energy and ideas, and in partnership with his father grew the business to include strong construction equipment sales, a new and bigger shop, and additional employees. Ed encouraged his son to go into the auction business and sent him to auctioneer school out west to learn the trade. Ed Jr. was apprenticed to several well known local auctioneers and succeeded in building a successful company of his own – his son, Evan, has followed in his footsteps and is currently selling alongside his dad. Sharon took accounting courses at Broome Community College and came into the business upon graduation, having worked part time after school all through high school. Elwin and Lucille shared their love for the business and knowledge of financial management, grooming her to partner with her father (the best salesman ever!). They’ve worked together for over 40 years; in the early 1970’s they took on the Kubota tractor line which has prospered right up to the present. Upon Edward’s retirement in 2011, Sharon has assumed leadership of Goodrich Implement Inc. and its staff. Along with Sales and General Manager Neil Follett, Parts Manager Walt, Service Coordinator Nia, and Trucking Manager Glenn, she has developed an up-and-coming team of bright new stars to take the dealership into the next decade. Her guiding principals include excellence in customer service, excellence in employee and workplace development, and excellence in appreciation of preserving and honoring the legacy that has been handed to her.

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